Video Art

MEKÂN • SPACE changes the way we experience art. 

We use virtual reality tools to produce new generation interactive and immersive art pieces. 

Born in the first year of Red, 2100

Big Data: Designing with the Materials of Life, a unique exhibition and workshop examining how the latest biological research could inform the design of future sustainable materials, products, services and architecture. Hosted by the Lethaby Gallery at Central Saint Martins (CSM), the live project is an incubator for interdisciplinary discussion and design with neuroscientists, genetics engineers, and molecular biologists working alongside students on The Bartlett's March GAD programme (Research Cluster 3) and CSM's MA Textile Futures. The exhibition, open to the public until 13 February, has been organised by Ruairi Glynn, Lecturer in Interactive Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture & Carole Collet, Reader and Deputy Director of the Textile Futures Research Centre at CSM.

İpek Kuran - MEKÂN • SPACE, Sunny Han, Alison Taylor, Roisin Johns & Zuzana Lalikova

Big Data: Designing with the Materials of Life - The Bartlett's March GAD and CSM's MA Textile Futures

Born in the first year of Red, 2100

Colouring Our Chromosomes


Scientific Research by Anne Ferguson-Smith, Department of Physiology Development and Neuroscience, University of Cambridge

The Human Genome Project was a mammoth feat, yet the genome is only one dimension of our molecular identity. Despite being stored in almost every body cell, most of the genome remains blissfully silent. In our brain cells relatively small numbers of genes are switched on; and a whole different batch is active in our liver cells. The identity of our cells is wrapped up in another code, a layer ontop of our DNA that mediates which bits get made into the stuff of our cells (proteins).