Terms of Service

​Quick summary:

  • Do not redistribute our games or any alterations of our games or game files.

  • Do not make commercial use of anything we've made without our permission.

  • We are trying to be open, honest and trusting with the hope that you hold us in the same regard.

Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions (TOS) described below apply to all use of the Mekân Space website, products and all services available through other providers. By using Mekân Space products and services, you agree to be bound by these terms, so please read this Agreement carefully before using Mekân Space products and services.

Mekân Space has the sole discretion to change or replace any part of this agreement. You are responsible for periodically checking this agreement for any changes. Any new Service additions or enhancements are subject to these Terms of Service. You consent to any such changes by continuing to use Mekân Space services.

We reserve the right to terminate your account if you violate any of the terms described below.

Copyright and Content Ownership


You can only use this Mekân Space products and services for your personal use. Your permission to use Mekân Space products and services is personal to you, so you can't give it to anyone else.

If you want to notify us that you believe someone is infringing your intellectual property on Mekân Space products and services, please submit your notice here (hello@mekan.space). 

General Conditions


You shouldn't hack, decompile or change Mekân Space products and services. This includes the code or any content or data. Basically, you should just leave it as it is. You also aren't allowed to create any software or content that mimics Mekân Space products and services or branding. But you are free to be inspired by us.

You can't use Mekân Space products and services for commercial purposes, and you aren't allowed to try to make money from using them.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect any identifiable personal information. At most, we collect analytical information about our distribution.​ 



Please contact us at hello@mekan.space if you have any questions about this Terms of Service.

Last updated


This policy was last updated on 27th October, 2020.