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Mekan ve İnsan

Mekan ve İnsan on Medyascope 

Zeynep Burcu Kâya and İpek Kuran Yıldırım were the guests of Melis Oğuz for her weekly program "Mekan ve İnsan" in the live broadcast of Medyascope. To watch the conversation about Mekân.Space, our workshops, experiences and the latest work Amnion VR you can check Medyascope -Youtube link to view more:


VR Realities:

Amnion VR

How do you create spatial structure by using kinesthetic perception within virtual reality? Is it possible to investigate collective space production strategies and create a fluent language between body and space? Today's design and production processes are shaped around an eye-centric perspective. In this context, tools offered by the developing technologies reproduce the same perspective...




Check out the interview of Digilogue's artistic directore Lalin Akalan on "Digital New World". We are really excited to be part of this event as MEKÂN • SPACE team. See you all at Sónar+D - İstanbul!:

"Zeynep Burcu Kaya and İpek Kuran Yıldırım will have a VR workshop on how to construct space fiction and using kinesthetic perception in virtual reality. This year, we will also explore technology and the digital world from a women's perspective..."


Nilgün Yüksel: 

on Art & Design

Mekân.Space with its artwork and performance "Exhibition" was part of the exhibition "Ambiguos Space" curated by Nilgün Yüksel. You can click "view more" to read the full version of the interview on Gazete Kadıköy:

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