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"How do we define "life"? 

Is the difference between the live and lifeless, in their each inhalation and exhalation? 

Or should we focus on the cells that spontaneously multiply?


Is the vitality, the sum of chemicals, a process, or a dynamic system?

The body as a phenomenon is the space occupied by an organism and the space which is produced to have the characteristics of a living organism, is now embodied. Such structure can be defined as an extension of a body which it can be interact with. In this case, the body can transform the space as if the space is one of its own body parts." 


Expedition is a kinetic installation/performance; exploring "body and space interaction" with "bio-textiles" and "arduino based kinetic structure". It is the brain child of İpek Kuran Yıldırım and Burcu Zeynep Kaya, with the help of Ali İhsan Tokatlıoğlu and Zeynep İşlek.  Amazing performance artist Selen Lun breathes life into pieces and interacts with them in a way that blows our mind. It is exhibited at Muğlak Alan, curated by Nilgün Yüksel.


In the context of this continuous interaction, the area in which the bodyspace interaction takes place, and this coexisting system, is a symbiosis which is connected to the things and the environment surrounding it. Describing the space and the body as a whole, purifying them from its borders and defining this holistic structure as symbiosis prescribes a more functional, open system while expanding the field of interaction.


While this research and installation focuses on the integration of the biotechnology to the spatical production theory and the practices, it tries to reconsider the concept of embodiment through the interaction of the body with the objects surrounding it. As one of the components of the bodily extension, the mode of production and components of the embodied space are studied in the cross section of architecture-biotechnology and attempts are made to produce a fluid language terminologically between these two disciplines.