MEKÂN • SPACE is an experience design studio.


The focus of the studio is on creating immersive and interactive experiences. 

We come from a human-centered design perspective which engages people and provokes active participation. Thus, people become part of the experience whether it is an artwork or a commercial project. 

We use the tools offered by today's technologies in order to investigate the production methods of new ideas and stories

Our team is innovative with a holistic perspective. Without loosing touch with the traditional methods, we seek out extraordinary solutions for the problems we face. 

We include developing technologies' tools in our production process to transpose the relationship between the physical space and the virtual space. Thus we have the opportunity to go beyond the rules of physics. 

MEKÂN • SPACE aims to move beyond the boundaries, providing new insights into the process of experience design. 

Meet the Team!




MSc. Architect - Interaction Designer

Ipek Kuran is an architect who graduated from Izmir University of Economics, Fine Arts and Design Faculty, Department of Architecture. She has shifted her interest into biodigital architecture and interactive design so she started her masters in UCL, Interactive Design Lab. and completed at Istanbul Technical University, MSc. Architectural Design in 2018.


Since 2016, she has been working at Mekan.Space. Their projects are part of VR1 Lab Istanbul.

Contact: ipekkuranyildirim@mekan.space

Meet the Team!

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Senior 3D Artist

Ali hsan Tokatlıoglu is a 3D artist graduated from İzmir Dokuz Eylül Fine Arts Faculty, Painting branch in 2008. His interest in 3D has made him able to take part in many positions since 2002. His interest in virtual reality technologies has led him to be involved in several projects with Mekan.Space. 

Meet the Team!




Architect - Game Designer

 Zeynep Burcu Kaya is an architect who graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Architecture. She has shifted her interest into performative space making techniques, virtual space and game design. She is studying Master of Game Design at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. Her role at Mekan.Space is all over the place, as the organisation believes in a mixed realisation of disciplinary knowledge. 

Contact: zeynepburcukaya@mekan.space

Meet the Team!

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PhD Urban Design - Researcher

Since 2016, he has been working at Mekan.Space.