Hello visitor / explorer / passenger / hitchhiker…


We are the creators of this parallel universe of art, a desert of self expression or however you would like to describe it. Go inside and tell us. 

Where are you?


A desert on earth? 

Another planet?

What is art?

How would you describe it?

Is it a way of self expression? 

A way of understanding the universe?

Finding a meaning?

Or does an art piece have its own entity?

Existential crisis, emotions, a character?

Is it possible for an art piece to develop any kind of relationship with another entity?

 How would you communicate with an art piece? 

Is it whispering? Is it possible to hear its words as you get closer?

Or do you have to touch it? To feel its every bits and bytes on your skin.

I can see that you have some answers and also some questions in your mind. 

Let’s put them aside for now and begin our journey!